How is Linkedin profile different from resume

LinkedIn Profile Vs Resume

Social media has become an important part of our life. However the way we demonstrate and convey about ourselves can speak volume or limit the information we wish to convey about ourselves. LinkedIn is one such platform which is evolving and used by professionals for showcasing their strengths and connect with references and employers for better prospects. Though resume building is a more practiced approach for finding job prospects, but both have to be understood in their relevance and essence.

How is Linked-In profile different from Resume?

While you may be looking for a change and therefore you would create a LinkedIn profile and copy the content of your resume in LinkedIn profile, but hold on, this is not the right style of representing yourself. Your resume should contain crisp information about yourself, your skills, experiences, education and maximum 2-3 pages. However LinkedIn profile should be like personal branding. Please note LinkedIn profile provides you to capture upto 2000 characters for your profile summary and there is no restriction to the overall length of your profile. Thus showcase yourself in a less formal language and position yourself which can speak a lot about the brand “you”.

Your resume should be well crafted, more professional with bulleted points. In resume you should not emphasize with pronouns like “I”. This is the sign of a well written resume. Whereas LinkedIn profile is about being little less professional, speaking about yourself as you are providing it to the readers and is meant to be two way communication, references from your colleagues who can talk about you and your strengths.

When you use your resume you target a recruiter or companies for which you wish to be considered whereas on LinkedIn your profile is like a bait, findable to millions of recruiters and you will be is broader pool of search and prospectivecandidates of your area.

Oflet all recruiters who interview you, will also check your LinkedIn profile that will tell them what others have spoken about you and how your profile has grown organically each time you have added your new skill and have a better conversation. So when you are looking for a better prospect you need to understand the cruxof both the element and leverage the social media effectively and at the same time project your well-crafted resume.

In the heart of this discussion, understand the true nature of both and project yourself in the right way and ease your prospects.


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