A Doctor needs a Resume too!

Yes. You read it right. In today’s era of cut-throat competition, it is becoming very difficult to secure a job that satisfies you. Even if you are a well-qualified doctor, people will still want to have a look at your skills and specialization before they decide to hire your services. We had a very unique experience, when Dr. Aakash, a dentist by profession, approached us for help.

Our experts had a one hour long discussion with him where he shared all his professional experiences and career details. He had prepared a Resume and provided it to our experts. One look at it and they were able to determine the many flaws that were proving to be the hurdles in his quest for a better opportunity. Have a look at his old resume.

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It is quite clear, that Dr. Aakash was missing out on a few key areas in his Resume. For example, the formatting and the design that he chose, was too outdated and unappealing. Given the fact that he was a dentist with a fairly good experience of 8 years, the first thing that he should have focused on was his professional synopsis. Not only did he miss on that, but the choice of words to describe his skills and past achievements was also not up to the mark.
In a span of 24 hours, our team worked diligently on finding a simple yet effective design for his resume. We completely revamped the structuring as well as formatting to bring his strengths and skills into the limelight. The outcome was a document that not only impressed Dr. Aakash, but also made ourselves proud as we had done something very unique and different for the first time. Check out the rejuvenated version of Dr. Aakash’s resume!


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