Importance of Personal Branding through Social Media for Middle Level and Senior Managers

You set out in the market for a job change or self-brand about your professional achievements on social media platforms, you will be one of those beleaguered folks, trying to find a meaningful outcome that can eventually lead to a desired consequence. Believe me, they have a viable business purpose and serve a great vehicle for branding your professional accomplishments, connecting with functional experts, to get endorsements and on top of everything provide you high visibility in the market.

As you scale up the corporate ladder, managing a huge team and tasks, at middle or senior manager level, social media can be a change agent for your career nowadays. Using social media for branding hold a lot of valuable insight.Promotion, cross promotion and brand positioning, all of these are encapsulated in this business of social science. It uncovers your qualities and skills. The recruitment data shows that 80% of the middle and senior manager level executives received offers through networking. Remember, visibility creates opportunity. It is a billboard to the hiring managers which is contrary to submitting your resume and with this you are better equipped for success.

If you are still beleaguered and mulling, just read what each of these option can do for you.

  1. A well described profile on LinkedIn:Use this platform for self-branding your achievements, talk about yourself, your skills, and highlight all key attainments. In the present time, recruiters often view the LinkedIn profiles before they zero down to call you for an interview.
  2. Twitter: Use your twitter stream on your social media resume. Recruiters are not rigid as they look for what personality type you are and your cultural fit
  1. Blogging:You may wish to brand yourself this way. You can design your blog professionally and blog about specific area of your competency. This not only helps you retain your knowledge but a good way to showcase your competency.

There are others ways too but few of the platforms are looked upon more professionally than others for promoting your skills. You can adopt feasible ways to brand and showcase your career chart, distinctions and highlights to achieve better response from the market. Especially middle and senior level professionals must take advantage of the social media to their advantage.

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