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Linkedin Profile Optimization


Resume Excellence team conducts a collaborative consultation and branding session to extract your unique value, create a professional brand, understand about your career highlights, and create a customized and keyword-dense profile that clearly defines your competencies and makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Writing, development, and improvement of your existing/new LinkedIn profile.
  • Structured profile with recruiter oriented text.
  • SEO and keyword optimized content- highlighting your strengths and achievements.
  • Powerful and Persuasive Headline.
  • Professionally written Profile Summary.
  • Focus on Area of Expertise.
  • Career Experiences / Positions Optimized.
  • Optimized Skill Set.
  • Brand optimized Job Titles.
  • Customized LinkedIn URL.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How is Resume Excellence service different from Other Resume Forwarding by other service provider?

Generally, Resume forwarding service providers forward your resume to placement consultant through mass emailing services which makes your resume one in hundreds. Due to this, your resume may go to their spam folder and very high chances it would be overlooked. Clearly this is a slow, inefficient and impractical way for finding a rewarding career.

Will you share the Job Alerts?

Yes. We share Job Alerts and contact details (Contact no. or email id or both) of the recruiters or hiring managers, so you can proactively connect with them and share your profile.

Will you share the list of the recruiters or name of the companies where you have promoted my resume?

Yes. We will share the name of the companies and placement consultants in your weekly report.

Will my Resume be promoted at an overseas location?

Yes. Our services are highly customized as per your career aspirations. On discussion with you, we create a customized distribution list whose requirements match your background, skills & geographic preferences. For example: if you wish to have a successful career in Middle east, we promote your resume in Middle east and also give you regular updates on job postings in that location.

Are there any extra charges to promote resume overseas?

No. We wish to provide you the best opportunity for your successful career and hence, do not differentiate in promoting the resume in India or Overseas. No extra cost!!

Do you promote resume in USA?

We promote resumes in more than 75 countries across the globe like USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Aus, NZ, ASEAN region etc.

Do you guarantee interview calls or job?

We are not a recruiting agency. Our services can help you get hired very fast and with a very high probability. However, it further depends on:

  1. The presentation of your resume. It certainly is your First Impression…make sure it is the best. You can take advantage of our professional resume writing services and stand out from the rest!!
  2. Personal branding in interview. A professional CV can increase number of interview calls for you, but how you sell your skills during interview will also be a decisive factor.

Can I opt for your service if I am not based in the India?

Yes. You can take advantage of our services from any part of the world. Example: One of our clients working in Singapore wanted to relocate to India and Middle east. So we successfully promoted his resume in both the locations. If you have any further questions, you can send mail to

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